Spiritual Mentoring

Many of us today are engaged in an exquisite and important shift in human consciousness. Spiritual awakening is a profound process, and it shouldn’t be lonely. I will support you as you evolve on your path. All mentoring sessions are confidential.

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”


Informative and transformative, mentoring is available by phone anywhere in the United States, and by Skype anywhere worldwide. Sessions are 30 minutes, with optional follow-up via text message, should quick questions arise at other times.


Are you experiencing an expansion of mind, heart, and spirit, and looking to talk with an experienced light worker about it? Do you have ongoing questions you want to ask someone who understands, and someone who cares?

Are you going through rapid energetic and intuitive opening and don’t know where to turn for understanding, support, and recognition? My intention is to serve as a loving mentor, a sensitive ear, and your most excited cheerleader.


I open your Akashic Records, and we have a discussion about what’s currently on your mind, in your heart, or floating through your consciousness. I ask Spirit for guidance on your behalf for your highest and best, and for the highest and best of all people involved. You receive the benefits of high-vibration, uplifting energy and insights channeled directly from Source. When appropriately guided, I may also share my own personal experience, anonymous anecdotes as helpful examples, and practices, exercises, or other resources to support your growth and happiness.


Yes, this is a complementary companion practice to traditional counseling. The messages I receive from Spirit are sometimes psychological in nature, but this is a very different approach to emotional well-being. I am not a therapist nor a licensed counselor of any kind. I’m an intuitive healer. Please note that mental illness need be addressed with a psychiatrist.


No, spiritual mentoring does not replace getting healings. Although there is a beautiful uplifting energy that we have access to when I open your Records, I do not deliver life force energy into your chakras during the session. That said, people report that mentoring sessions are healing.


Of course everything is always changing in life, and especially on a spiritual path. That’s why I allow for flexibility to accommodate your evolving needs. You can combine two 30-minute sessions into a one-hour call, or customize a program to suit your needs.

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I just ask that if we have an appointment scheduled, you please give me as much notice as possible if you need to change it, at least 48 hours. And if you’d like to discontinue your mentoring, please offer at least one week’s notice.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have infinite gratitude and respect for you as you embrace and celebrate this new day in this intuitive age we’re thankfully now living in!

Karen-Wilson“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work together to achieve results I had never dared to hope for. In just a few months, I’ve made years worth of progress. Through the mentoring program I have been guided and supported in this transformation with love and compassion. I am reaching goals that before seemed like dreams I could never achieve. My world has transformed from hopelessness, fear and failure, to success and belief in myself. I have a whole new life. Strategies for dealing effectively with negative thoughts, fear, and doubt are now integrated into my daily practice. New opportunities are continually presenting themselves, and I am able to recognize and seize them as I continue to flow forward. Sharing myself and what I’ve learned with others is quickly becoming one of the biggest rewards. I can’t say enough about Jennifer’s mentoring and would recommend it to anyone seeking change or looking to take their life to the next level. I am truly learning to be present in each new moment as miracles continue to arrive. Yesterday is over and today I have important work to do. I have the power to choose my adventure. Thank you Jennifer.”

~ Karen Treinen, Yoga Teacher, House Painter, & Ever-evolving Human Being, Wilmington, NC

Uncertain if mentorship is right for you, or wondering which package to choose?  Contact me today.