Are you feeling physically or emotionally drained? Do you often find yourself thinking about people or situations from the past? Do your current relationships need deepening?

A powerful healing tool, emotional cord cutting can help you more easily release past relationships, move forward, be present, develop new healthier relationships, and better enjoy your current relationships today.

Many people don’t realize that life-force energy is transmitted to other people through energetic cords, which are formed each time we connect with another person in romantic, family, friend, or work relationships. These energetic connections often remain with you long after the people are no longer physically in your life, keeping you connected to past situations you want to release, and draining your energy.

Cord cutting is an effortless and loving way to release energetic cords that are not of the vibration of pure love. Cords created out of manipulation, fear, or anger will be gently released, leaving your love connections in place, freeing you from the past and improving your current relationships.

“In true love, you attain freedom.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

Q &A

When’s the best time to get a cord cutting?

There is no bad time to get a cord cutting. The freer we can be of unconscious attachments that drain our energy, the better.

Many people choose to cut energetic cords after a break up, when leaving a job, or any time you feel attached to a person or situation from which you’ve chosen to move on. Cord cutting helps you communicate in a loving healthy way about a break up, with respectful boundaries in place, and then separate more amicably, and without feeling helplessly pulled backward into exhausting emotional patterns. Alternatively, cord cutting is also helpful because it allows you to heal without having to speak to the other person. This can be helpful after a painful divorce or death, or when communication is strained.

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Regular cord cuttings are also a healthy way to maintain healthy current relationships, helping to bring yourself and your loved ones into the present. If you find yourself fighting about the same tired issue with your parents, siblings, spouse, or children, energetic cord cutting can help you to transcend that go-nowhere circular argument, release old issues, and move forward into the next phase of your relationship, more bonded than ever.

Is emotional cord cutting permanent?

Not necessarily. It’s up to you. Energetic cord cutting is a loving, compassionate way of reclaiming your energy and allowing others to reclaim their energy. Like when you get a haircut or weed your garden, eliminating unhealthy cords facilitates new growth.

You can decide at any time to reconnect with someone, from your new, elevated state of mind and heart. Or, you can let a relationship go.

How often should I get a cord cutting?

Listen to your intuition. If you’re feeling like it’s easier to be alone and you’d rather not be around people, then probably it’s time.

There is no standard amount of time to wait between cord cuttings. Many people have a professional, thorough cord cutting performed once a year. Others come much more frequently. Others wait longer.

The more empathic you are, the more new cords you are forming daily, the more frequently you may want a cord cutting, especially if you’re not doing mini cord cuttings for yourself daily, or you’re feeling drained by the presence of others.