Couple’s & Colleagues’ Healing Intensives

Soul-Level Communication and Life-changing Energy Work for Mutually-Supportive Partnership and Collaboration

All Love Lightbody Activation and Energy Clearing is ideal for:

  • Romantic partners
  • Divorced co-parents
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Sibling and other familial relationships
  • Business partners
  • Colleagues or co-workers
  • Friends or roommates
  • Creative collaborators

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”

-Pema Chodron

If you feel as if you can’t talk to the person you love, live with, or work with….

Or if you struggle to express yourself freely or they don’t express openly….

Or if you’re tongue-tied, repeating yourself, or you’ve tried to say it a thousand different ways….

Or if you’re judging or you feel judged….

Or if you feel misunderstood or you don’t understand your partner….

Or if you feel lonely and you want to connect….

Or if every relationship skill in your tool box is failing you….

Then it’s time to go deeper than the cognitive mind.

All Love Healing isn’t about fixing your relationship. We never approach your situation as if someone is wrong or something is broken. This loving and supportive energy work helps you see and hear yourself and your partner (or colleague, or collaborator) at a soul level, communicate, and expand your perspective in a way that is honoring and supportive of all involved.

Self-love is the primary basis of any strong relationship. When you truly love yourself, your relationships naturally transform. These Activation Intensives deliver you to higher love and truth within yourselves, better allowing each of you to acknowledge one another. Little makes us feel more fulfilled than evolving alongside someone we respect and enjoy.

Secure, supportive relationships are essential in order to thrive and evolve. Sometimes, it might seem easier to just live or work alone, but you’ll grow faster by relating to another. Without the other person, you may not have the reflection necessary for significant personal or professional growth. And growth is the purpose of our existence. Via a natural energy shifting process, we deliver you individually and mutually to your highest good.

Both parties should be willing and open to transformation.

2-hour session in-person or by phone

Exchange: $777 for two people

Q &A

How does the healing work?

This powerfully loving energy work delivers the specific healing that is most beneficial to you both at this time. You will each receive pure life-force energy into the seven main chakras, which raises the vibration of your physical body and the energy field around your bodies. Your entire being is prepared to receive and hold more life-force energy, thereby allowing for release and growth on all levels, and expanding your consciousness. The healing addresses your ancestral lineage as well, including family in this lifetime and soul family. It also activates DNA, giving you greater access to who you really are on a soul-level and helping you embrace your highest potential.

Why is All Love Couple’s Healing uniquely powerful?

I work with living energy that evolves as humanity evolves, to deliver the most powerful healing available today. I use my unique intuitive and healing gifts, combined with my training in some of the world’s most powerful healing systems, to deliver the unique healing that your unique souls are calling for at this unique moment in your evolution.

Can we do my session remotely?

Yes! You don’t need to visit the All Love Healing Center in-person. I work with the energy body, which can be accessed from anywhere, worldwide. Pure, loving energy is sent directly to each of you.

Is a distance session as powerful as an in-person session?

Yes! Distance healing is equally powerful as an in-person session. Many people report feeling more relaxed in a distance session, which can allow the energy to work on an even deeper level. As a result, distance sessions may take a little longer than in-person sessions.

Should I do an in-person session or a distance session?

Distance healing is for those who can’t easily get to Wilmington, NC, couples who are physically separated, colleagues who are calling from two different locations, or those who simply feel more relaxed in the comfort and privacy of their own home. For those living or working in Wilmington, NC, I recommend doing an in-person session.

What will happen during the session?

The session begins with a conversation, in-person or by phone, during which you have the opportunity to talk about any concerns or phenomena where you would like to direct healing and energy.

After we speak, you will be invited to lie down comfortably on a massage table. Distance clients will rest in a quiet place at home or in nature. While you relax, I will deliver high-vibration energy.

A 30-minute intuitive reading follows, during which time I will share messages with you.

What might I experience during a session?

While your experience will be unique, most people report feeling enveloped in peace, connected to a pure spiritual source, or filled with love and bliss. You may feel energy or other bodily sensations. Your body may be still, or the energy may move your body a bit. Your consciousness may drift. You need only enjoy and allow the healing to happen.