Body Wisdom Sessions

Your body is an incredible transmitter of valuable information. Your soul talks to you via your body, telling you everything you need to know. Listen to your body today before a physical condition grows any louder.

Body Wisdom is ideal if you:

  • Have re-injured the same body part again and again
  • Have phantom pain or discomfort that no doctor can explain
  • Have chronic discomfort that disappears then comes back

“What is the body? That shadow of a shadow
of your love, that somehow contains
the entire universe.”


All Love energy clearing can help you access your body’s own inner wisdom. Using my unique intuitive ability to help you uncover and clear emotional issues behind physical challenges, we will allow your body to guide us as we address the root cause of your situation.

Doctors dumbfounded by unexplained physical symptoms? Energy clearing is not meant to replace medical treatment. But if your doctor can’t help you, a Body Wisdom session is one way to address non-urgent issues naturally before they escalate and require medication or surgery. Body Wisdom offers you the opportunity to listen to your body’s messages instead of masking the symptom. The symptom is your friend. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Body Wisdom is not intended for those in severe pain. Please seek counsel and care from your medical healthcare provider for serious illness or injury.

Pain throat concept. Young woman with throat pain. Black and white.

Barry“Jennifer Chapis, founder of All Love Healing, is a genuine, compassionate, serving, highly respected wellness professional. I have found her energy work to be both transformative and therapeutic. Jennifer is also a gifted workshop leader with a loving spirit. Her experience and passion make for effortless powerful guided meditations, ideal for relieving anxiety and promoting peace and clarity. I refer clients to Jennifer when they experience a plateau and need an energetic shift to reach the next level. These clients always return with positive feedback about Jennifer and overcome their previous roadblocks. We have also collaborated on workshops promoting wellbeing, stress reduction and meditation. It’s a gift to experience the fruits of her labor firsthand, and a pleasure to witness the results in others. I’m thrilled to recommend her and sing her praises.”

~ Barry Wilcox, President of Wilcox Wellness Group, Wilmington, NC

     Q &A

What’s the difference between Energy Clearing and Energy Healing? 

While both sessions allow for profound healing and life-changing understanding of the self and others, we do not deliver life-force energy during an energy clearing. Instead, we release old energy, emotion, or trauma stored in the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and/or energy body.

When should I schedule a Body Wisdom Session versus an All Love Healing Session?

Body Wisdom allows you to focus on a particular physical symptom or symptoms. A good time to schedule a Body Wisdom session is during or after the 21-healing cycle associated with the All Love Healing, Eternal Life Healing, or Ascended Masters Healing. If you haven’t had a healing yet, first schedule an All Love Energy Healing. Learn more here.

What happens during a Body Wisdom Session?

This is not a massage or physical treatment. During this session, you’ll be seated comfortably as I lead you through a meditative experience into a more aware state. As you breathe into various parts of your body, we’ll clear energetic blocks and discover connections between a particular bodily issue and the bigger story of your life. Together we’ll gently and lovingly decipher the potent message that your body wants to communicate.

Is there a 21-day healing cycle associated with Body Wisdom?

No. Results may be instantaneous and develop over time, but there is no specific 21-day processing period.

How often may I schedule a Body Wisdom Session?

There’s no rule. Use your intuition. Schedule Body Wisdom when you want help understanding bodily symptoms, releasing stagnant energy from the physical body, and hearing your soul.

“The use of love is to heal. When it flows without effort from the depth of the self, love creates health”

-Deepak Chopra